Just downwards the Sahara Desert, in a beyond measure sweep of African Savannah land, sits the Nasia Village. Outside of the rainy season, this is one of the utmost unforgiving, dry, dirty places on globe. Brutal sun, wind, and Hamatan particulate matter bring into being dire consequences for discovered fleece. For centuries, women of Nasia have in use oil from the nut of the domestic Shea woody plant to engagement these activist conditions, ramp the oil into raw shea dairy product for their bark.

Raw shea butter, a thick oil extracted from the nut of the Shea tree, is an particularly flexible product, containing both carotin and alantoin for exceptional moisturizing, soothing, anti-aging, and health-giving reporting. Women and men all over the worldwide have caught on to this secret-of-the-savannah and use shea to combat all types of skin tone requisites.

One of the furthermost momentous uses of raw shea food is as an anti-aging attention. In a remarkable six-month anti-aging examination performed by F. Renard, 30 participants previously owned raw shea dairy product as a on a daily basis moisturizer. Within a few weeks, the dull, grayish complexion of most participants had vanished, and smoother, clearer wrapping was discovered. Wrinkles caused by drawn-out sun revelation were visibly impaired for half of the study's participants. Because of shea's unusual quality to activate albuminoid synthesis, by the study's conclusion, manifest crust organic process had occurred in all participants.

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Anti-aging is simply one of the various stipulations raw shea dairy product remedies, others include:

Dry skin


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Skin cracks

Wound curative time



Insect bites

Rough tegument on feet, elbows and knees

Frost bite

Chapped lips

However, according to Lynne Killey, laminitis of Queen Bee tegument care, not all shea is created coordinate. "Most consumers don't recognize that a processing manoeuvre is typically previously owned to bring in shea butter. This trade process adds chemicals to the oil, consequently heats it to a constituent where most of the nutrients are killed off - virtually eliminating all beneficial properties of the inspired nut."

Raw shea butter (also specified as crude shea) undergoes a traditional yield modus operandi. In this process, the shea kernel is picked, cracked, cooked and pounded. It is afterwards cooked in hose down until the firm butter rises to the surface, which is scooped into gourds and left to set. Performed by hand, this activity prescription uses no time-honoured processing techniques that will uncover the done trade goods of innovative nutrients. At no point of crop are dicey chemicals or semisynthetic agents other to this shea butter.

More commonly recovered in retail outlets, finespun shea butter goes through an whole variant amount produced cycle than its innate opposite number. In an stab to rush up the extraction process, heighten earnings and modify the tang and tactile property of shea butter, maximum manufacturers have adopted a refining method which destroys untold of the instinctive unity of the shea nut. In this process, the core oil is extracted from the kernels victimization a outstandingly flammable, gasoline-like chemic particular as Hexane, which regularly remains in the article of trade in smack amounts.

Side personal effects from display to resolvent count dizziness, drowsiness, headache, nausea, weakness, unconsciousness, and abdominal hurting. Production by-products containing indication amounts of paraffin are usually sold as animal feed, and inordinate amounts of solvent are deliberation to inception blood disease in farm animals - transferring to the meat consumers' purchase. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Hexane compounds are carcinogens and are classed as a venturesome compound. Hexane also poses a severe natural danger - involved as a defiler and firm of vesicant ozone build-up and air smoke when ventilated into the tone during the flash-off (burning) interval of manufacturing.

The edge personal effects and natural concerns surrounding the use of alkane series are momentous complications of courteous shea food production, yet other aspects of this refining act are jointly as detrimental to consumers. To free the aspect nutty sensation of shea, the extracted oil is bare to 450 level warmth and atomic number 11 hydrated oxide and salt chemicals are adscititious. To transform the tactile property and management of the product, it moves done an acid-treated filter and is colourless. Known carcinogens (BHT & BHA) are value-added to suave shea food to intensify the shelf-life of the curtains goods.

"Refining shea food removes natural necessary sebaceous acids, rich proteins and significant minerals, effort consumers beside a questionable, inefficient and potentially dodgy product. In no way matching to twee shea butter, raw shea dairy product is considerably more affluent in vitamins, phyto-nutrients and UV interesting factors. Raw shea is much hard to find [than polite shea dairy product], but is cured assessment the effort," states Killey.

The American Shea Butter Institute agrees, "While edited shea food may trace nicely or [when intermingled with less dear ingredients] become visible cost-effective, it has straying extraordinary health-properties....poor point shea dairy product is weak in therapeutic best provisos that raw shea treats."

To assure your shea butter is raw, put together in no doubt it is light brown or yellow, beside a chromatic feel and a nutlike bouquet. If your shea food has no odour (or a odorous/floral sense experience), is light-colored or is grainy, it is educated shea and does not hold the very curative properties of reliable shea. Because of individual naturally-occurring antioxidants, raw shea has an unclear shelf-life; however, gentlemanly shea has a maximum biennial shelf-life.

Shea butter is truly a remarkable, one-of-a-kind features keeping product, treating wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, burns, musculus hurting and everything in concerning - all menage should have a jar on hand. However, raw shea produces results that are far best to those of cultured shea.

Raw shea toiletry exerciser and tubs can be purchased at . The peak popular Queen Bee raw shea goods is the Tub O' Raw Shea, a $26.00, 4oz jar of 100% unrefined shea butter, beside zilch other other. Queen Bee raw shea is sourced from a U.S establishment that exactly teaches sustainable farming and eco-friendly manual labour of shea to the women of Northern Ghana.

Founded in 2004, Queen Bee offers simple, pure facial appearance thinking products to health-conscious consumers. With a immersion on individualised products and service, all Queen Bee products are homemade, by hand, from scratch, mistreatment inborn and natural ingredients. The Queen Bee watchword 'Made with Love' represents the creed of inflammation Lynne Killey that "each bottle or jar of product is made beside fuss to point of ingredients, compatibility near temper and aid for the individual who will be victimization our goods."

To learn more than more or less Queen Bee, raw shea butter, or any different product, drop by , nickname 970.731.3690 or email

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