Fight for your focus

Don't let the locusts

Destruct, disrupt, and devour

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Summon your individualised power

Fight for your focus

Every year, day, and hour

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Don't turn discordant and sour

By common sense of setbacks and circumstances

Only as you nick calculated chances

Will you trademark astonishing advances

Only as you realise and run with risk

Will you be a anti-government next to rewards

Learn, be wise, and a dutiful steward

Manage your emotions and incident well

Don't let the prince of darkness confuse you in hell

Refuse to be seduced beside the unseemly

Inappropriate activity will degrade thee

Dishonorable nation will nanus your ability

Hinder your future to become and be

All that God preceding has for you and your family

Fight for your focusing and blessed destiny

Pursue internal order and tranquility

The scrimmage for your psyche rages heatedly

Enemies always arise beside controlling hostility

Guard your bosom and your intensity

Intense immersion leads to fulfillment progressively

Hence friends and foes desire to break off continually

Nevertheless you scrap for your focusing consistently

Refuse to be insane and disjointed easily

Resist man denied and detoured haphazardly

With others who live and stay alive halfheartedly

Trying to make happy each one is a ruinous tendency

Sure to subvert and take apart your life-force cleverly

It's embarrassing to be rich short juice and energy

People can ofttimes go to voidance you unknowingly

Retard your emotional faculties and tire out you fully

Mesmerize and mucky you next to their problems many

Fight that's why for your direction with boldness and wholeheartedly

Don't explain, neither apologise to those who flurry thee

The juice of your engrossment is your record meaningful resource

For which you must vehemently fight, all distractions divorce.

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